9 Symptoms & Health Effects of Indoor Air Pollution 

Posted on May 16, 2022
By John's Home Comfort
Indoor Air Quality (IAQ) in your home can pose a risk to your family. Our homes develop indoor air pollution which can be even worse than the pollution we are exposed to outside. The good news is, that although we all face risks posed by pollution, you can...

Does Home Insurance Cover Water Heater Replacement?

Posted on June 1, 2021
By John's Home Comfort
Your homeowner’s insurance is there to protect you when the unexpected happens. Yet, there are often questions about what a home insurance policy covers. The best answer comes directly from the specific terms listed in your policy. What About Hot Water Heaters? Perhaps your hot water heater leaked...

Water Heaters

Posted on May 3, 2021
By John's Home Comfort
Have you noticed a film on your bathtub or shower, you most likely have hard water? When hard water is heated, it causes the particles to suspend in the water. They attract to each other causing them to stick together. When these particles stick together, they become heavier...
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